We’ve heard the benefits of losing weight: improve our current and future health, feel better about ourselves, enjoy life more – there’s a good long list, and any are reason enough to come in and get a free consultation with Dr. Syverain’s staff.  But there are other reasons to lose weight of which you may not be aware.

Weight loss benefits you may not know about:

  • Save money.  Think of the cost of obesity caused illness – the loss of work as well as the medical bills.  It’s easier and cheaper to clothe a healthy-weight person.  And carrots cost less than orange-dyed, cheesy puffs – health-wise, environmentally, and dollar-wise.
  • Decrease joint pain – WebMD reports that one-third of Americans suffer from joint pain.  Think added weight can cause pain in your joints?  You bet!  Carry around a couple of dumbbells for a while and when you put them down, feel the relief in your joints.  Less weight, less grind, less pain!
  • Improve sleep quality – sleep apnea and other sleep problems can be affected by weight.  A little weight loss can bring about a better night’s sleep, which in turn may make losing weight easier.
  • Don’t forget! A 2012 study at University College London showed that the obese lose memory and thinking skills faster than people living at a healthy weight.  In this case, lose it (weight), to keep it (mental strength).
  • Protect our children. One in three American children is obese.  What better way to lead by example, and show our children how to eat and exercise healthily, than to be lean and healthy ourselves?
  • Photos!  Albums, memories, social media, re-pinning, going viral – your image is out there for you and the world to see.  Enjoy knowing your image is one of health.
  • Success at work.  Well, it’s not right, but we are judged by how we look and what people see us eat. This is hard on us socially, but it can have a big impact at work – whether we like it or not, our co-workers and boss are judging us by our image and our dietary choices – salad bar vs. fast food burger and fries.

Do you know of other benefits?  Please comment and share your experience and knowledge with others.