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Dr. Milliard Syverain, Medical Director
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About Us

Dr. Milliard Syverain has been practicing General Medicine for almost two decades in Northern California. Since 2002, Dr. Syverain and his staff of experienced medical providers have specialized in weight loss management. His extensive background in Internal Medicine, Bariatric Medicine and Pharmacology qualifies him to provide safe and effective weight management therapy and counseling.

Dr. Syverain's mission is to serve and educate the public on the importance of balancing health and one's emotional well-being. Each patient receives a specific treatment based on her needs.

Our Weight Loss Clinic:

Our offices are staffed by trained and experienced professionals, who understand your needs and help with your weight management goals. We will assist you in managing your weight with the proper nutrition, regular walking or exercise, and if necessary with FDA approved weight loss supplements and appetite suppressants. We will provide you with the tools for healthy eating habits.

We are equipped to answer most of your questions and make sure that you are thoroughly comfortable with our program. Losing weight is hard enough and that is why our staff will be with you along the way to cheer you on. We don't promise miracles, but we are sure to help you in a healthy way!

Our staff (fluent in both English and Spanish) is ready to give you the tools and services you need in managing your weight and staying healthy. Contact us for a consultation today.

Weight loss has become a primary concern for the American public and the medical establishment alike. There are literally thousands of weight loss programs, diet plans, weight loss supplements, and medications on the market and many have proven to be fraudulent, ineffective, or even dangerous. Like any medication, there are side effects and health concerns that you need to be aware of before taking any supplement, especially when changing diet and exercise routines. Above all, you need a licensed physician who knows your specific health needs before taking any weight loss supplements, appetite suppressants, or enrolling into a diet plan. Under the supervision of Dr. Syverain and his trained staff of medical weight loss experts, a healthy diet is within your grasp. Before considering radical and potentially dangerous surgical procedures, schedule an appointment with an experienced diet clinic that will develop a unique weight loss program tailored to your unique needs. Call to schedule an appointment at Dr. Syverain Weight Loss Center today!

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